How Long Does It Take To Recover?

That’s why it’s so important to follow the treatment plan with all medical conditions. Employment is virtually essential for having a stable and meaningful life. A lack of positive references and having a criminal record typically pose challenges.

After the detox phase, which can last up to a week or more, individuals can be considered physically “clean”. However, achieving long-term sobriety and being “clean” in a broader sense is a continuous process that involves ongoing treatment and personal development. Addiction specialists can offer insights into factors that influence recovery timelines, such as addiction type, severity, and coexisting mental health conditions. Collaborating with experts fosters a better understanding of the process, enabling informed decisions about treatment planning and ongoing support. Addiction Resource is an educational platform for sharing and disseminating information about addiction and substance abuse recovery centers.

What’s the Significance of a Strong Support System in Recovery Duration?

In addition, many people suffering from an addiction feel depressed and anxious during detoxification. It is important to know that the time it takes to detox from different substances can vary greatly. For example, the time it takes to get sober from heroin is different from the time it takes to get sober from alcohol. In general, most people can expect to undergo a detox programme for 1-2 weeks before being medically stable enough to move on with their rehab programme. When people talk about how long it takes to detox, they are referring to the amount of time it takes for withdrawal symptoms to present themselves and subside.

It can feel stressful to change, which is why the support a person receives in drug and alcohol treatment can be so important in continuing the process of addiction recovery. Drug and alcohol detoxification programs prepare a person for treatment in a safe, controlled environment where withdrawal symptoms (and any physical or mental health complications) can be managed. Detox may occur in a hospital setting or as a first step to the inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation process.

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